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savita bhabhi

savita bhabhi
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32.1 Savita entering the car with her clothes in her hands. The bottom part of her sari is now back down and covering her waist downwards, she is completely naked on top. Jeet is standing at the side of the car with his now limp dick hanging out. Savita looking at jeet and smiling. Savita says “I better go in the car and get dressed now.”
32.2 Scene from behind the car. It is pulling out into the road. (show exhaust or something to show that it is moving – or use any of your own ideas) From inside the car we can hear Jeet say “Now where to ma’am?”
32.3 Scene inside the car. Savita is leaning backwards on her seat fully clothed now but with good display of cleavage. Savita saying “You can drop me home now, my husband must be waiting”
32.4 Savita with a wink “And don’t forget how good I am when you see me at the contest!”