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18 free episodes of Savita Bhabhi Comics

1.1 Savita sitting in a cubicle in her office. We can see Shalini walking towards her.
1.2 Shalini to Savita. Shalini says “Mishraji has called you in the cabin”. Savita thinking “Now what does we want, I just gave him a blowjob in the morning!”
1.3 Scene in Mishra’s office. View from behind Mishra. His door is slightly open and Savita is looking in. Savita “You wanted to see me sir?”
1.4 View of them both. Mishra says “Savita, our company is sponsoring a beauty contest for married woman in our suburb. I want you to go and check out the preparations, etc as our representative there”. Saviat says ‘Ok sir, I’ll go right away”