Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 21

savita bhabhi

21.1 View from outside the car through Savita’s side window. We can see the tree at the side of the road. Savita saying “Are you sure its a good idea?” — “I’ve never ever done anything like this before!” ( It is dark outside)
21.2 Jeet saying “Don’t worry my dear, the darkness and the car will hide your naked body from the other people on the road.”
21.3 Far off Scene from outside the car. Both of them are getting out of the car.
21.4 Savita standing at the side of the road leaning on the car. Jeet looking at her lustily. Says “You’ve got me so horny right now. I’m just going to rip your clothes off and push my hard dick inside you!”

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