Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 16

savita bhabhi

16.1 Scene inside the car from the backside. We can see savita bent over sucking Jeets dick. Jeet saying “Ah, your mouth is so wet. Take my dick deeper inside it.”
(Its ok if the view is being obstructed by the seats, but make this drawing proper in propotions and angles)
16.2 Closeup of Savita with Jeets dick in her mouth. Her hand is at the base of his dick and eyes closed. Sound from Savita “Uhhh Uhhhhhh”
(While drawing blowjobs in the future too make sure the hands of the woman are near the dick or on the thighs of the guy – gives it a more real look)
16.3 Scene of savita blowing jeet. Jeet saying “I’ve never been sucked off in a car before. This feels amazing!”
16.4 Closeup scene. Savita has her tongue out fully and is licking the side of his shaft. Her eyes are looking upwards at Jeet. Sound from Jeet “Ahhhhhhh…”

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