Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

10.1 Jeet with a horny look on his face saying “Why don’t we take a detour to the highway” — “It should be pretty empty at this time.”
10.2 Scene of the car on the road. There is a road sign ahead (See picture). Change places names to “University Campus”; “Sukhna Lake”; “Highway 69” . The cars turn indicator lights showing it turning left towards the highway.
10.3 Savita has removed his buckle and now is unzipping his pants.(zipper sound) SB with a mischevious smile saying “Ohhh, its so hard. Surely does not feel like a lonely old man” — I better let this out so you can drive more comfortably”
10.4 Closeup scene of savitas hands removing his dick out of his pants. (Please draw in detail)

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